Patio Roofs

Adding Beauty To Your Property

Patio Roof Experts

Our range of patios, pergolas and verandas are designed to perfectly complement your Australian home. BLUESCOPE STEEL, made in Australia, ensures that all components are fully engineered and tested to Australian standards, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are choosing a quality product.

Whether you prefer a flat or pitched roof, freestanding or attached structure, we are confident in meeting nearly every design brief. Our extensive range of options includes show-stopping backyard pergolas and relaxing veranda’s that blend seamlessly with your home’s existing design.

No matter what style you choose, all our products feature COLORBOND® steel’s Thermatech®1 solar reflectance technology, which reflects more of the sun’s heat, keeping your building cooler.
When selecting the profile and colour of your patio, pergola or veranda, it’s important to consider both your indoor and outdoor spaces. Do you want your outdoor area to complement or contrast your indoor decor? BLUESCOPE STEEL offers an impressive range of classic designs, or you can customise a style that best suits your home and lifestyle.


The skillion roof style offers versatility and flexibility, while being robust, long-lasting, and simple to construct. This type of roof with a single slope can seamlessly complement your house, whether it’s connected or standing alone, and its interior provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With 100mm, 150mm, or 200mm beams, the skillion roof can adapt to virtually any design requirements, with spans and flexibility that accommodate a wide range of possibilities.


A pitched roof offers a broad scope of design options and creates an expansive and airy atmosphere, whether it is attached to your home or stands independently. The LYSAGHT LIVING™ line of pitched roofs includes several choices, such as Gable, Dutch Gable, and Hip styles.

Skillion Roof Pitched Gables

Suppose your living space poses some challenges, or you desire a distinctive blend of elements. In that case, our Designer Gable Insert can be tailor-made to suit your needs. For instance, it is feasible to combine a skillion roof with pitched gables. We recommend discussing your requirements with your nearest dealer to learn more about our options.