Not too long ago solar power was seen as kind of high tech and futuristic, but this eco-friendly energy source has taken off in leaps and bounds.

In fact, even though it accounts for a small percentage of the world’s energy production at the moment, there’s a good chance it will be a dominant energy source in the future. Here are five reasons why solar energy will rule.

1. Big Demand For It

The demand for solar power is on the rise, especially in the US, where it has increased by 41%. It’s attractive to people because it can be installed independently of a centralised power plant, and your set up can be as big or as small as you want. People like the idea of self-reliance and being in control over their own power rather than relying on a national grid.

2. Solar Panels Are Cheap to Produce

Solar panels are becoming cheaper and cheaper to produce. Production factories’ solar module prices have fallen about 100 times over in the past 30 years. In just 5 years the price has halved, and it is predicted to get even cheaper in the future. You can find some seriously good quality solar panels for a killer price – just make sure to do your research and find a reliable solar company!

3. Installation Costs Are Coming Down

Installation costs for homeowners and businesses keep solar energy more expensive overall but those costs are now affordable too. Costs such as financing, purchasing, permitting, company overheads, etc. have a lot of room to get lower, both in developed, as well as developing countries. In the eyes of many banks solar is starting to become a very “safe” high-return investment for businesses that use it.

4. It’s Necessary For The Planet

Perhaps one of the biggest arguments for steering towards solar power is because we really need to turn things around collectively for the sake of the planet, and fast. Due to human-related emissions of greenhouse gases, the world is warming up and solar power is one of the fastest solutions to implement.

5. Awesome Potential

The sun is our greatest energy asset and it’s also the most under utilised. Everyday we could be harnessing light and heat through solar energy from the sun to power our homes. The amount of energy produced by the sun in Texas alone in one month is greater than the energy of all the oil that state has ever produced, and that’s a lot of oil!

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