Keen to be a trendsetting gardener this year? There’s no time like the present for a garden makeover with these plant ideas to jazz up your outdoor space in 2022.

1. Bold Colours

While neutrals might be all the rage in home decor outside, it’s the bold and beautiful plants that are making a statement. Planting flower beds with bright oranges, reds and yellows, purples and pinks are key. There are no rules when it comes to colour in 2022.

2. Statement Plants

Easy care gardening is becoming more popular than ever with one-pot wonders serving as focal points. This could be a compact hydrangea, a pomegranate, thornless raspberry or even a petite dwarf boxwood. Whatever looks good and creates less maintenance for busy lifestyles.

3. Mini Shrubs

Apartment living and ever decreasing backyards mean that space is at a premium. Fill what area you have with a dwarf version of larger plants and shrubs to give you the same aesthetic.

4. Hardy / Delicate Mix

Carrying on the low-maintenance theme is a trend to mix hardy plants, like succulents and hydrangeas, with more delicate varieties such as peonies and wisteria to bring a textured look to your garden and no fuss maintenance.

5. Vegetables & Herbs

Edible plants are hugely popular at the moment with the no-waste food movement in full flight, especially amongst the younger generation. Veggies and herbs are easy to grow from seeds and seedlings, and being able to cook with your own produce is a satisfying achievement come harvest time.

6. Micro Greens

Similarly, edible microgreens are an alternative if you don’t have space for a veggie garden. These cute, highly nutritious greens are easy to grow from seeds on a sunny windowsill and can be harvested just a few days after germination. Fresh lettuce, sprouts or micro beetroot for a salad? Tick!

7. Flowers for Bees

Bees need as much help as they can get at the moment, so make your 2022 garden bee-friendly with plants to attract and encourage bees. We’re thinking flowers such as poppies, geraniums, marigolds, nasturtiums and hollyhocks; and leave off the chemical sprays, please!

8. Trees for the Future

If you have the room in your garden, then plant a couple of trees. Not only will you be contributing to increasing oxygen levels, but you’ll also be creating a shady arbour for the future. Keep them well-watered through their first growing season. Happy gardening!

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