Get ready for the sounds of construction and smoko breaks in your street at 7am. With another season of The Block done and dusted, Ashgrove homeowners are expected to spend more money on their homes in the next 6-12 months than ever before.

In fact, the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics surprisingly shows that Ashgrove residents are the second highest spenders in Brisbane, pouring over $6.3 million into home renovations in the June quarter alone! There is no surprise that Paddington and Milton lead the way with over $7.8 million thrown into renovations.

But, what exactly is this house-proud bunch spending their dollar on? Painting? Gardens? Diamond encrusted benchtops? We take a look at the top three items on everyone’s to-do list…

1. Kitchens are first in line for a makeover

According to leading home renovation and design platform, Houzz, one in four Aussies plan to update their kitchen in the next 12 months. Homeowners are adding personality back into their kitchens with marble benchtops, brass tapware, natural timbers and classic white subway tiles. Young couples especially, are investing money into the finer details like soft-close drawers, designer lighting and matte black appliances.

Ashgrove homeowner, David Roberts, says black is the new white. He painted the kitchen cabinetry and joinery in his five-bedroom home all black to make it feel less feminine and more authentic. “It’s the palette of Australia; it has a very earthy feel, which is why it works so well,” says Mr Roberts.

2. Bathrooms are the showstopper

The humble bathroom is a thing of the past. Ashgrove residents are spending up big on patterned floor tiles, bespoke vanities and vertical plants. “People are being a bit more adventurous than the standard white or charcoal tile,” says Carlene Duffy, a former contestant on The Block. Vanities are looking more like living room furniture than traditional sinks and people are being much more creative with their fittings. Trends to watch out for in Brisbane in 2018 include gold, rose gold, brass and copper tapware. As well as black shower heads contrasted with white marble.

3. Roof replacements are increasing

In the next 12 months, one trend we’ll see increasing is the popularity of metal roofs. A big reason for this is the material’s fundamental durability. Metal roofs are more resistant to extreme weather conditions, mildew and rot, and they better reflect radiant heat from the sun. Dark grey roofing is the most desirable colour at the moment, says Melbourne’s Nexus Designs. Neutral colours like greys, beiges and off-whites have always been favourable, but are becoming more sophisticated in 2018.

Now is the best time to replace your roof, according to weather experts. Thunderstorms are common in Brisbane and usually occur during the Summer months, which also happens to be Brisbane’s wettest period. So get in quick before you start to notice leaks and mould growing on your ceiling.

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