Downspout cramping the style of your lush garden? Don’t let the downspout get you down!

We have some suggestions on how you can spruce up your downspouts so that they fit in with your carefully curated gardens.

But first…

Make sure to check if your roofs, guttering and drainage systems need restoration work before you set out on your DIY project. If they do, be sure to contact Reno Saver for an obligation free check, measure and quote.

Directing your water away from the home – the benefits

Slipping and sliding on excessive water runoff from your guttering is not ideal, especially in a family home. Kids experience enough bumps and tumbles without placing other hazards in their way. If your downpipe leads onto a common walkway such as your driveway, or pools in your garden causing a muddy bog, you may want to consider this simple DIY project. You can pick up a 15kg bag of natural garden pebbles at Bunnings for under $20 to get you started. A Sunday spent in the garden would have this nifty system up and running in no time!

If you’re feeling a bit artistic

If you’re looking to make a statement perhaps one of these designs will tickle your fancy. If you have any old teapots hanging around the house or feel like embarking on an antique shopping adventure, try your hand at one of these interesting set ups.

Photo by LusHome.

Photo by Gardening Prof

Keeping up with the Jones’

If you want something that will fit in with the decor of your garden try incorporating one of these tranquil fountains. You can pick up wetstones from Bunnings for under $10 and layer them according to the look you’re after. Try growing some lush green moss amongst the stones to add a little vibrancy.

For the practical and sustainable

If you’re a big fan of harnessing natural resources then a rain barrel will appeal to you. Make practical use of you rainwater by collecting it to water your garden with later. An old barrel will suffice, and if you’re afraid of overflow, investing in a downspout diverter will ease your mind. Rustic and sensible!

At Reno Saver, we want to help you build your dream home, which is why we only use the best quality suppliers to compliment your hard work. If your roof isn’t fitting the high standard of your home, give us a call and we can chat to you about how to design a roof that will have all the neighbours talking!

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