You’ve invested in electric roller shutters to protect your home from extreme weather conditions. But what if a storm hits your area and cuts your power before you get the chance to put your roller shutters down? You’d be pretty annoyed, wouldn’t you? Not only that, but your house would be at risk of damage; the very thing you were proactive in avoiding by installing the shutters in the first place!

This is why we strongly recommend a battery backup for every roller shutter system that will allow you to operate your shutters even when your power cuts out!

Volts Matter

At Reno Saver, all of our roller shutter systems are installed with 12v of power, meaning that their batteries are rechargeable and can last for eight days after charging to full capacity. Many other roller shutter systems are installed with only 240v, not offering enough power to keep going when electricity drops out.

The Risks

You may think the worst case scenario would be that your roller shutters are stuck without power to pull them down, and you experience a few broken windows as a result of a severe hailstorm. This can also turn into wet carpets, watermarked walls and damaged valuables.

However, the complete opposite is also possible. Perhaps the roller shutters were put down in time for the storm, but the power has still been cut and now they are stuck this way. Many people choose to install roller shutters on their front doors for increased security, and this can result in being locked inside your home until the power comes back on if you have no battery backup.

Australians know extreme weather, do you really want to take these risks?

In the last few years, Australians have seen brutal weather sweep through the country. Power can go out for days at a time when extreme storms hit. Recent examples include the power outage after storms in SA just a few months ago, and a severe storm that hit the Hunter Valley in NSW in 2015 which left homes in Newcastle without power for over a week. Knowing the likelihood of power outages after storms in our nation, do you really want to take the risk of not having battery backup for your roller shutters?

If you’re looking for a roller shutter system with increased power and battery backup, get in contact with Reno Saver. We provide roller shutters in a range of colours and offer free quotes to take measurements and provide advice on the best choice for your home.

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