Do you have a beautiful old home whose traditional quirks you cherish? Perhaps sometimes you wish it had a few new mod cons though, right? It seems every day there’s something new that makes life more comfortable and convenient, so it just makes sense to update your house. After all, it’s your sanctuary.

Now we aren’t telling you to immediately rip out your ornate wood burning fireplace that you’ve had since the house was bought by your great, great Grandfather. We’re just suggesting small adjustments that will fit in seamlessly with your heritage aesthetic.

Achieving that fresh look

If you feel like your home is getting a little stale, then perhaps it’s time to mix up your decorating colour scheme. There are plenty of ways to give your house a fresh makeover without taking away from its traditional charm.

Perhaps a new coat of paint is the way to go? Choosing bright, cheerful colours or pale pastels will cultivate natural light and still maintain a vintage touch. Try pastel greens for the kitchen, or canary yellow for the bathroom. If painting is not an option, keep everything neutral and add pops of colour through the use of throw pillows, rugs or paintings.

Installing a home theatre system

Let’s face it; TV has become an integral part of how we wind down after a long day of work. TV often gets a pretty bad rap, but it can be a great way to spend quality family time by watching interactive shows suitable for the whole mob, such as Family Feud. Having a decent home theatre system will allow you to enjoy movie nights and will give the kids a great rep at school for awesome sleepovers. But you don’t want to have your TV stick out like a sore thumb against the rest of your heritage decor. So why not hide it behind a set of shabby chic sliding doors?

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Installing a smart lighting system

Smart lights aren’t just clapping your hands as you leave the room anymore. A full smart lighting system will allow you to control all the lights in your house remotely, through your smartphone. This means increased security and convenience, and no more shocking power bills turning up in your mailbox. If you forget to turn the bathroom light off and you’re about to step on a plane for a weekend away, you can simply tap your phone screen, and all lights are off in your house.

Investing in solar energy

Energy prices are on the rise, and getting your electricity from your local grid is only going to get more expensive. If you want to look towards saving money for the future, solar is definitely the best option. You can choose between grid connect and hybrid solar, where you can sell energy generated through your panels back to the grid, or store and use it during peak charging times to save money.

Where your solar panels are situated on your roof depends on where the sun hits it most frequently. Solar panels are sleek in appearance and will blend in with darker roofs. Or if you don’t think they’ll fit the overall look of your roof, get creative and use them as covers for carports, garden bungalows or sheds!

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