Are you a shift worker or just a very light sleeper? We all know how bright Brisbane can be, and normally, it’s one of our favourite things about this city, but not when it’s causing us a lack of sleep. If you find it difficult to get a decent amount of shut-eye without it being pitch-black around you, perhaps it’s time to install shutters.

Roller shutters

Roller shutters are secure, weather resistant and block out every crack of light that could come through your window because they are typically installed on the outside of your home. There’s nothing worse than waking up because your head happens to be laying on the side of your pillow where a thin slice of super bright light always escapes through your curtains.

Shift workers in particular will love roller shutters as they will assist in minimising outside noise and creating a little bubble of quiet for you to rest up in! They work well with air conditioning to regulate the temperature in your room, especially if it’s facing in the direction that the sun likes to beat down on in the afternoon.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are perfect for light sleepers who still want to feel the breeze on their cheeks during the evening. They offer privacy without blocking out fresh air.

Angling the shutters upwards will prevent others from seeing into your home, and also reduce the amount of light entering the room. Having to get up and shut the curtains at 4 am when the sun starts to rise is a major pain, and broken sleep is no one’s best friend! Plantation shutters are a great solution because they block out enough light to allow you to continue sleeping without creating the stuffiness of an entirely closed off room.

Louvre shutters

Louvre shutters are optimum for coastal homes. They’re versatile and maximise views from your deck, lounge, or bedroom. If you have ocean views, you want to be able to enjoy them without affecting your sleeping patterns. Sweep the shutters to the side for maximum viewing pleasure during dinner parties, or shut them during mid-afternoon to keep the heat of the sun from reaching the lounge.

They can be used similarly to plantation shutters in the evening to get a better night’s sleep, and just quietly, we think they’re the best shutters for those that enjoy the occasional afternoon nap.

Considering installing shutters in your home? Contact Reno Saver today for a free appointment and inspection to discuss your options!

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