Solar panels are a popular choice for anyone wanting to harness a clean, green energy source and save money on their power bill. But is your roof suitable for solar panels? While solar panels are compatible with most roofing materials, some roofs are a better fit than others. Keep reading to find out if you’re a good candidate for solar.

What are the best roof types for solar?

Metal Roofs – Many metal roofs have standing seams upon which solar systems can be installed. Mounting systems clamp onto the seams, meaning no further holes in your roof need to be made. Metal is also a good insulator of heat, so a metal roof is very complementary to solar panels.

Tile Roofs – Tile roofs are also compatible with solar panels. They’re easy for installers to work on and there are solar panel mounts that can be integrated into the tile for seamless installation.

Asphalt – Asphalt roofs are also able to take solar panels without any damage. Standard mounts can be used for installation.

Which roofs are not suitable for solar?

Slate and wood roofs are harder to install solar panels on due to the potential for damage to the roof materials. Installations of solar panels can be carried out, however, require specific mounting components and equipment to keep the installers from walking on the roof. This can make installation even more expensive.

Other Determining Factors

While the material of your roof is the most important determining factor of whether you’re a good candidate for solar or not, there are a few other considerations to make.

Age of roof
If your roof is old and needs to replaced shortly then installing solar panels on it isn’t a good idea. Solar panel systems can last for 25 – 40 years so your roof needs to be able to accommodate them. Learn more about replacing your roof here.

Amount of sun
How much sun your roof receives is another determining factor for solar since the performance of solar panels is affected by how much sun they receive. If it’s shady from neighbouring buildings, a chimney or big trees around your house, then you may not get the full benefit. Of course trimming or removing trees is always a possibility to maximise your potential to harness the sun.

Likewise, a true north facing roof is going to be more efficient than a south facing roof performance wise for sun exposure on solar panels. But northeast or north-west facing panels can still produce good energy.

Shape and size
The shape and size of your roof are also factors in the installation of solar panels. If your roof is tiny, very sloped or has a lot of dormer windows and skylights, then it may not be easy to install a system. Then again, anything is possible if you use a professional company!

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