Is your roof a little worse for wear? Australian conditions can really take their toll on our roofs, with extreme heat and often damaging storms, tiles can crack, steel can fade, and gutters can rust. At Reno Saver, we only use the best quality roofing supplies available to combat harsh Australian conditions. Read on to find out how to re-roof your home to get a longer lifespan out of your roof!

Free Roof Assessments

First things first; getting a professional in to assess your existing roof, and how to go about replacing it. The Reno Saver team include qualified builders who will evaluate the structural integrity of your roof and its wooden frame. They conduct a 31 point assessment, so you know it’ll be thorough! And the best news is, it’s completely free of charge!

Qualified Professionals

If you’re going to replace your entire roof, you want to make sure all necessary repairs are completed in the process. There’s nothing worse than investing in a new roof, only to find out a few months down the track that the wooden frame needs work, or that there is mould present. This is where having a team of qualified builders and roofing experts is a major advantage. They can patch up whatever needs fixing in the process of providing you with a shiny new roof!

Top Notch Brands

The next step to installing your new roof is, in our opinion, the most fun – picking the type of roof and colour that you’re after. We use the best and most durable brands for Australian conditions. You can believe us; we’ve been around long enough to know you won’t get better steel when it comes to Colorbond and BlueScope, or a more durable coating than Dulux.

Use our Dulux paint colour selector to visualise which colour from their Acra Tex range will best suit your home. If you’re after a few more tips on how to select the best colour for your roof, have a gander through our blog articles on how to match your roof to your garden, or how to pick the best colour schemes for a federation home.

The Whole Package

Have you considered installing solar for your home? While the Reno Saver team are already here replacing your roof, why not get them to install solar at the same time? It’ll be quick and easy for the team to wire during construction than waiting to do it afterwards. The good news is, the Reno Saver team not only include builders, but also qualified electricians, so that you can keep everything in-house (so to speak). Find out more about our solar installation services here.

Get in touch with Reno Saver today for your free roof assessment and chat about how solar could improve your energy bills and overall home lifestyle!

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