If you’ve just started looking into roofing repairs or roof painting, you may be unsure of the process and what’s involved.
In fact, even if you’ve been looking for a while, it may still not be clear exactly what you’re buying and why. So in this article, we break down the process of roof restoration for you.

There’s four main reasons why you’ll choose a roof restoration:

  •  Change your roof colour to modern, stylish colours
  •  Clean your entire roof and improve water run-off
  •  Improve energy efficiency with a reflective coating
  •  Improve the long-term value of your home

Read on to find out more…

Changing the colour of your roof

What colour is your tired old roof right now? Is it a faded red or green? Or maybe it’s rusty old steel that’s seen better days? It doesn’t have to be that way.

A roof restoration is the perfect opportunity to update your home with a stylish, modern roof. There are 36 different colours to choose from in the Dulux Acratex 962 Membrane to achieve whatever look you’re going for.
Even better news, the colours are designed for Australian conditions by one of the most well-respected paint manufacturers in Australia. If you choose an Accredited Dulux company, the standard 5-year warranty is doubled to a 10-Year Warranty.

Dulux Acratex Colour Range

Roof Repairs and Cleaning

Before a roof can be painted it must be cleaned. Roofers will spend hours pressure cleaning your roof to prepare it to be sealed and painted with a coloured membrane. Over the years, roofs develop a build-up of mould, moss, lichen, and fungi, and they can be harmful to your health.

This is also the time that any repairs that were identified in your initial inspection are fixed. Many, but not all, companies employ licensed builders. Be sure to check before you request any work, because unlicensed repairs may invalidate your insurance. Typically, what to look out for are your flashings, rusty panels or gutters, and missing or cracked tiles. As part of this process, tiles can also be recapped and any rusty or old gutters can be replaced.

Sealing and Painting

Roofs are first sealed with a primer, and then painted with Roof Membrane. This ensures long- lasting paint finishes so your roof remains glossy, even in Australia’s harsh conditions.
Modern paints, like most things, have had massive technological improvements. We believe in using known and trusted brands, such as Dulux, who are at the forefront of their industry.

Some enhancements of a roof restoration today include:

  •  remaining glossier than longer and feeling like new
  •  it’ll retain less dirt and so require less cleaning
  •  reflect more heat and improve your energy efficiency

The long-term value of roof restoration
Investing in a roof restoration has two huge advantages:

  • Your home looks newer and more attractive
  •  At least 10-years peace of mind and value

Aesthetically, the difference is immediately noticeable.

More importantly, but not so noticeably, you’ve protected your family, belongings and your home. Leaks often go un-noticed for years, finally causing damage to your home and costing much more to fix. Restoring your roof is a proactive roofing solution that can save you in the long run.
So what began as an interest in refreshing or changing the colour of your roof will actually have valuable and long-lasting effects. Go and check out your roof right now, and if you think it’s looking a bit tired and worn out, maybe a roof restoration is for you!

Reno Saver Group is a Queensland roofing and construction company based in Brisbane. We supply and install Roofing, Solar, and Shutters to homes and business around Australia.

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