Choosing the right roof colour can be tricky when you’re looking at swatches, trying to visualise a particular shade on a large area of metal sheeting. It’s a nerve-wracking decision. Choose the wrong colour, and you’re stuck with it for decades!

But there is a way to make the process much simpler. We take homeowners through a few essential considerations when deciding on the right colour for their new or restored roof. And also reveal the best way to visualise what your home will look like with a roof in the colour of your choice!

Weigh up whether you would prefer a dark or light roof.

One of the first steps to choosing a roof is to consider whether you would prefer a dark or light shade. Variables that may influence this decision include the weather in your area and the environment surrounding your house. It’s often the case that a dark, metal roof will conduct heat, turning your home into a hot box in summer. Not ideal for houses in Queensland! However, if you replace your roof with Colorbond Steel, the superior Thermatech heat reflective technology in the metal sheeting will allow you to choose a dark coloured roof that consistently keeps your house cool through those hot summer days.

If you settle on a lighter colour, make sure that you are aware of the trees and wildlife surrounding your home. Trees that produce a lot of sap, such as gum trees, can quickly stain your roof if they hang over your house. A darker coloured roof may hide this better. However, if many native birds tend to flock to your neighbourhood, bird droppings could be your chief concern. In this case, a lighter coloured roof may be better at camouflaging droppings. If you’re happy to stay on top of cleaning your roof regularly, however, these issues may not bother you at all!

Carefully consider the colour of your trimmings.

Many homeowners will spend ages trying to find a roof colour that matches their house’s exterior paint, but forget about the colour of their trimmings altogether! If your home incorporates trimmings that add a pop of colour to the outside, it’s vital to find a roof shade that compliments these. Try looking at a primary colour wheel and comparing complimentary colours to test out a few combinations that could work for your house.

Know council restrictions regarding roof renovations and replacements for heritage homes.

If you own an old Queenslander or are aware that your house is heritage listed, then you may need to follow council regulations regarding the appropriate renovation of the roof, including carefully considering the colour to match the house’s traditional appearance. The Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection recommends using Colorbond Steel to replace the roof of a heritage listed home. The range of 22 colours means that finding an appropriate match to the pre-existing roof colour is much easier. You can find further guidance on how to replace or restore a roof for a heritage building in Queensland here.

Use a roof colour visualiser to see what the colour will look like.

Finally, the best tool that you can use to pick the perfect colour for your roof is Reno Saver’s roof colour simulator. It’s super easy to use and will help you to visualise how an entire roof will look in your preferred colour. Reno Saver has two roof colour visualisers. One is for homeowners who wish to install a new Colorbond metal roof. It incorporates all 22 colour options for you to peruse. The other is for roof restorations, with a wide range of colours from the Dulux AcraTex range, which is suitable for repainting both metal and tiled roofs. Now you can get excited about choosing a fresh new colour for your roof!

Contact Reno Saver Home Improvements today to arrange a full roof replacement, or roof restoration, and enjoy a wide selection of colour options from Australia’s leading roof paint experts; Colorbond or Dulux.

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