There are many benefits of installing roller shutters on your home’s windows or doors! The latest styles and colours can increase kerb appeal, keep harsh UV rays from fading interior furnishings, cut energy costs and offer protection during storm season. But one of the most prominent benefits is that they provide greater home security.

Thieves detest roller shutters.

While you can’t control the number of burglars out there, you can make it harder for them to get into your home! Made from tough, durable aluminium, quality shutters act as a deterrent at first sight. If burglars think your home is too hard to get into, they’ll give up before they even start!

Oz Roller Shutters cannot be rolled up by force, so provide an excellent physical barrier against break-ins. The screws and locks are also not accessible from the outside, so there’s no chance of thieves picking them!

Build peace of mind and privacy into your home.

If your home is in a particularly exposed position, you might feel the constant prying eyes of passersby. Roller shutters can be used for additional privacy and peace of mind, as they can be lowered or heightened to block off the view in any room.

There’s also no need to worry about accidentally leaving a window slightly open, as long as remember to put down your roller shutters! With the press of a button, you can secure your home no matter whether you’re out shopping, at work or away on holidays.

Increase the value of your home.

If you’re looking to sell in the future, a home that already has roller shutters installed is incredibly appealing to potential buyers, as they won’t need to add deadbolts to windows or use any other security system.

While alarms and sensor lights are helpful additions, roller shutters provide all the security you need for the outside of your home.

Here at Reno Saver Group, we install market leading products from OzRoll, Rollashield, Shutter Concepts and more, and in a range of colours and styles. Get in contact for advice, or a free measure and quote today.

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