Need a competitive edge that will set you apart from your commercial business contenders? We have a solution that is saving businesses tens of thousands of dollars a year in power bills!

For example, it may be because your business is on kVA-demand tariffs, where you are charged for your peak power usage regardless of whether you utilise it all the time.

When this is the case, our Power Factor Correction solutions are designed to reduce your electricity bill, assist in protecting the natural environment, require little maintenance and provide great returns as an investment.

The best part?

It frees up crucial cash flow that you would usually be spending on electricity that you do not use, on important aspects of your business that will set you leagues ahead of your competitors!

Not sure if your business is paying more than it should on electricity?

No problem! You can contact our friendly Power Factor experts and they will calculate your businesses power factor (the difference between the real power that you use, and the reactive power). They will then judge whether your business would benefit from a Power Factor unit by taking a look at your energy bills and power factor, and laying out how much you could be saving. Better yet, we offer this power assessment service completely free – so you have nothing to lose!

Types of businesses that typically pay more than they should

Businesses that tend to be on a demand charge (and could potentially gain huge savings) include:

  • shopping centres and warehouses
  • manufacturing plants
  • distribution companies
  • cold-storage facilities

If your business falls into any of these categories, it’s well worth talking to our experts to get the latest information about Power Factor Correction!

How a local business gained a new competitive advantage

Reno Saver recently installed a Power Factor Correction unit at a Seafood Cold Storage Facility in Morningside, Brisbane. Previously, the company had been receiving huge bills for the refrigeration of their products. This installation will give their business a competitive edge against other seafood warehouses as they will be able to invest the savings on new business endeavours.

Thinking long-term

Power Factor Correction units are well worth the investment. When you calculate the savings, the payback period in many cases is within 12 months. This is a quick turnaround for a service that will continue to save you money in the long run. Spend your savings on the part of your business that will promote growth and get ahead of the game in your field!

Green is the new black

Companies that consider sustainable alternatives and actively participate in initiatives which assist in preserving our environment are gaining traction across all industries. Preserving energy is important to maintaining our earth’s natural resources. By advertising that your business undergoes energy consumption reduction, you will be boosting your company’s profile and setting yourself apart from other competitors who do not.

Contact Allied today for your free energy assessment for your business now.

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