Your roof is really just a thin layer of steel or acrylic roof sealer. Colorbond steel, for example – Australia’s leading roof sheet metal – has a thickness of just 0.42mm (BMT)!

Just one leak or storm damage can lead to catastrophic roof failures.

The worst case scenario of a water-damaged roof is the ceiling or roof collapsing on someone inside. But most worst-case scenarios like these can be avoided…

The root cause of damage can only be detected by a qualified builder, but the warning signs are there for everyone to see. Just by paying attention to a few small details you can prevent a catastrophic failure that puts your home and family at risk.

Ignore these warning signs at your peril.

3 symptoms of invisible causes that lead to catastrophic failure….

  1. Never ignore a ceiling stain
    –  Every day moisture in your roof is ignored increases the chance of a ceiling collapse caused by weakened roof beams … Read More
  2. Never ignore overflowing gutters
    – Pooling roof water leaks in and eats away at roof beams that stop your roof from blowing away in a storm. Read More
  3. Never ignore a leaking roof
    – Water you can see is often nothing compared the water that’s pooling just out of sight and rotting your home… Read More.

… and did you know many insurers won’t pay out for pre-existing defects!

Spotting them yourself is hard to do – so just arrange a free, no-obligation roof integrity audit.

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* Hey! Did you know that Winter is the best time to talk about your roof? Read this…

Winter Roof Inspections

When do you think the best time to invest your roof?

A: The middle of storm season when the best roofers are booked solid replacing hail damaged roofs?


B: In Winter, when the sky is clear and you can choose from the best in the business in re-roofing and roof restorations?

Don’t wait – beat the rush and be total confident your family is protected.

Ceiling stains

Never, ever leave a ceiling stains, marks, blemishes go unattended. A stain on your ceiling in the sign of an active leak that can quickly destroy your ceiling. There is never a good time for your ceiling to collapse… the best you can hope for is no one you care about is underneath! Beyond endangering everyone at home, moisture in your ceiling makes prime growing conditions for mould and pests. Airborne mould particles float invisibly around and are known be dangerous when inhaled. And if you’re wondering where filthy cockroaches and home-eating termites love to live – you guessed in moist, damp areas like your ceiling.

Overflowing gutters

If you know the sound of heavy loads of water crashing to the ground when it rains, you might already have a problem.

Every time you’ve heard that sound you’ve had bucketloads of water pooling on your roof. That leaves tonnes of water with nowhere to go except over the side, or seeping into cracks and crevices in your roof.

An unidentified roof leak is possibly the scariest things a roofer see. Heavy tiles or sheets of roof that aren’t securely fixed in place have no chance in 267km/hr winds and torrential rain that seems to happen 3-4 times every year! A quick inspection is all it takes to be sure you’re safe.


Leaking roofs

You should fix leaks at the source immediately. Never let a leak go unchecked or you risk entire sections of your home caving in.

Remember, what you can see could just be the tip of the iceberg. All the water you can’t see has pooled and will rot and eat away at your home. You might not think about the leak again until next time it rains, but then it could be too late.

There really is no excuse for not having a leak inspected. Just because it has stopped raining now, don’t put it out of your mind. The perfect time to have a leak inspected is always to do it right now.

Get a FREE inspection now.

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Very impressed with the service and love the new look of my roof.” – Dave D.

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