When you choose a proven metal roofing solution like Colorbond for your home, you also need to select an experienced and qualified Colorbond roofing contractor to ensure it lasts for decades. Reno Saver Home Improvements will do the job right the first time round so that you have an impenetrable barrier against Queensland’s extreme weather conditions and added value for your property.

Australia’s Trusted Roof Brand

Colorbond steel roofs are strong and durable which makes them ideal for Brisbane’s extreme weather conditions. Besides, Colorbond steel roofs are lightweight, easy to maintain, provide fire protection and are available in a wide array of colours. Reno Saver offers a twenty five years warranty on Colorbond roofs and interest free, easy payment plans – which make the investment even more attractive.

Experienced, Qualified Builders

As a premier Colorbond roofing contractor in Queensland, Reno Saver employs only experienced and qualified builders who have an eye for detail and a zeal to carry out roof installation to the highest quality standards. Their work starts before installation with a free, no-obligation roof assessment. At this stage, they will inspect your roof, answer questions, provide a free estimate and devise a tailored installation plan.

Quality Work from Start to Finish

When you give the go-ahead, Reno Saver’s builders will come to prepare the site for efficient installation. After this, they remove the old metal roof or tiles and also carry out any structural repairs, if required. During installation, new valleys are set up to ensure water flows away efficiently. Flashing is put up and flashing areas are waterproofed to ensure an impenetrable barrier against weather elements.

Are you ready to trust Brisbane’s go-to roofing experts for high-quality Colorbond roof installation? Request a no-obligation roof inspection today!

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