If you’re looking for a roof paint that looks better and lasts longer, then you want Dulux’s AcraTex Next Generation Roof Membrane. AcraTex showcases three new advances in roof paint, and comes with the Deluxe guarantee. Keep reading to find out more.

Our harsh Australian climate is not kind to roofs, but Dulux has created a paint to combat the extreme conditions our roofs need to withstand them. AcraTex roof paint can help keep your home cool and comfortable as it provides maximum solar reflectance. The paint contains InfraCOOL technology and acts as a radiant heat barrier. It is also specially formulated with low-dirt pickup to maximise its solar reflecting properties.

When painting your roof, you should always seek a professional dulux-accredited roof restorer. Only then will you ensure it’s lasts the longest and is backed by a proper warranty.

For people who wish to use their roof for water run off to a concrete, steel or plastic tank for safe collection of potable drinking water, AcraTex paint has been specially formulated for this purpose.

3 new advancements

AcraTex provides the ultimate in roof protection with three new advancements in roof paint

1. Easy spray application

This waterbased paint with a 100% acrylic coating has enhanced rheology which makes it easy to apply and saves wear and tear on machinery. It has a high build finish that not only looks great but has a better durability than other roof paints.

2.  Gloss lasts longer

Roofs that use AcraTex will have a longer lasting gloss due to Roof Membrane New Generation Technology.

3. Colours stay true

No matter what colour AcraTex paint you choose, it will stay true for longer due to less chalking and a cross linking polymer structure.

What roof types is AcraTex suitable for?

AcraTex is suitable for various roofing surfaces including: concrete tiles, metal roofs, zincalume roofing and corrugated iron. When painting you can apply a recoat on the same day which saves time and money. It’s also easy to clean up and has a low odour.

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