Are you tossing up between getting a roof restoration, replacement, or repair?

New roofing for your home is a significant investment — read on to find out what your options are and what we offer at Reno Saver Construction and Roofing!

Full Roof Replacement

A full roof replacement involves removing your roofing, inspecting the roof timbers to make sure they are in adequate condition, and then installing new tiles or metal sheeting. We will come out and physically inspect your roof before devising an installation plan and erect safety rails on your roof to keep our roofing specialists safe.

A full roof replacement, being the most labour intensive, is the most costly way to improve the condition of your roof – but it is without a doubt the most valuable. If you have leaks, algae growth, staining, broken tiles, or a sagging roof, it can be tempting to repair the problems with a ‘band-aid’ fix. However, in the long-run, all of these problems add up fast, and the best way to resolve them is to cut to the chase and invest in a full roof replacement — before things escalate!

Roof Restorations

Roof restorations involve giving your entire roof an entire touch-up and makeover without removing the original tiles or metal sheets. Our roofing specialists will paint and reseal your roof using Dulux high-performance paints and membranes, recap tiles, seal against leaks, and remove any moss, lichen, or dirt. At Reno Saver, we can help you with:

  • Metal roof restorations
  • Tile roof restorations
  • Terracotta roof restorations

Roof restorations are also an excellent time to perform preventative measures, like spraying anti-fungal chemicals and removing the unwanted build up of debris, twigs, and leaves that collect in your gutters over time. Keeping your roof clean and well maintained will keep the value of your home at its proper worth and preserve its beautiful appearance for longer.

Roofing Repairs

Unlike replacements or restorations, roofing repairs typically involve making little improvements and small changes. For example, you might want to replace a few broken or damaged tiles, fix your gutters, pressure clean the dirt/moss/fungi off, or recolour certain patches of your roof that have faded over time (e.g. areas that are directly beneath trees or affected by nesting animals).

Roofing repairs are also usually more urgent than replacements or restorations and do not take as long to recondition. The most common causes for roofing repair are:

  • Hail damage
  • Strong winds and storms
  • Fallen trees
  • Snow and ice freezes
  • Heavy Christmas lights and displays
  • Possums, birds, and bats
  • Build up of rotting leaves and sticks
  • Debris in your gutters
  • Cricket balls, baseballs, footballs, and other toys

What to do next?

Early detection is key! If you think your roof needs a repair, restoration, or replacement, it’s best to get in touch with the professionals before any severe damage is done. At Reno Saver, we offer free inspections, measures, and quotes.

So why not give us a call on 1300 650 114 or send us an online enquiry today!

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