Whether its installing a new metal roof or making repairs on an existing one, there are a few things to bear in mind that will make installation and repairs alike go smoothly.

Installing a New Metal Roof

The durability of a metal roof is one of the reasons why more and more home owners are switching to metal as a material of choice, over other roofing materials. An important thing to do even before installing a metal roof is to check the structure that the metal roofing panels will attach to, so that irregularities, if any, can be adjusted prior to starting. Ensure that roof panels are aligned correctly, checking for alignment every three or four runs. Misaligned panels will result in a roof system that does not expand or contract as intended. Ensure that clips are aligned and that the panel shape is held, keeping as much weight off the panel while clips are installed. Using the correct combination of clips, insulation thickness and thermal spacers ensures a level panel installation and results in a metal roof that looks good and is more weathertight.

Metal Roof Repair Tips

Older metal roofs sometimes need repairs to improper installation or damage due to storms. Roof surfaces should be cleaned properly before they can be inspected for repairs. Rust patches should be removed with steel wool, before being primed and given a top coat of metal paint to match the roof. Loose fasteners should be tightened, seam failures should be repaired with new sheets of metal, and any fittings that do not provide a watertight seal should be replaced if they can no longer be repaired.

Metal roofing has many benefits ranging from energy efficiency to low maintenance; a properly installed metal roof that is inspected regularly for repairs can easily last upto 50 years or more.

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