If you’re into practising mindfulness at the moment, then your home is definitely somewhere where this concept can come into play.

Being mindful is all about concentrating on the present moment, so home decor that engages our senses makes us appreciate the space on a deeper level. Here are some ways you can create a more sensory experience in your home.


Controlling how natural light is brought into your home can make a difference to the feeling of it. If it needs more direct light consider adding windows, skylights or changing window coverings to allow sunlight to enter the room. It could be there is too much light which makes for a jarring effect, and you might not use a room during a certain time of day. Consider how shades, shutters, and blinds can reduce the effects of harsh lighting.

What colours you use in your home can also have a direct effect on moods and emotions. It’s important to use a colour palette that is harmonious rather than having colours that clash with each other. Bold hues such as red and orange are energetic, whereas greens and blues are more restful and soothing, whites can be uplifting, and yellow can dictate a cheerful mood.


Living in cities today means being constantly bombarded with cars, noise and people. We also affect our hearing in our homes with background noise from TV, radios and You Tube videos streaming from our tablets and phones. You can invite a connection with the natural environment by playing soothing music or with meditation apps that have the sound of birds, rain or the lapping ocean. Installing a water feature or wind chimes in an outdoor area can also make it a restful place to relax and unwind after work.


Touch is the first sense we acquire as children and is how we connect with the physical environment and other people. Being mindful with your decor means thinking about texture and touch when it comes to everyday items such as taps, handles, railings, cushions, rugs and furniture. For instance, incorporating a polished piece of timber furniture or shag pile rug simply because they feel good to the touch.


The way a room smells is as important as how it looks. In general, we don’t usually think of improving the scent of our homes unless we want to cover something up. But there’s a reason why real estate agents bake bread and brew coffee before an open home. A home that smells good is generally more inviting and pleasant place to live in. Simply strategically placing a few scented candles, introducing some pot plants or scented oil sticks can be a nice way to nurture the sense of smell.

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