Hybrid solar is ideal for rural and residential homes as well as for commercial purposes. Hybrid solar is connected to the grid, but also has battery storage – the best of both worlds! If you need to ensure that you always have a source of power available, especially during grid power outages, hybrid solar may be the best choice for you.

Minimise your power bill

One of the greatest features of hybrid solar is its ability to load shift. This means that the power that your solar panels generate during the day is being stored in your battery bank so that you can use it during the evening. Peak rates apply for grid energy use during the night, so this helps you avoid these expensive rates. It also means that you are using more of your energy rather than simply selling it back to the grid for often minimal return.

Great for residential homes

If everyone in your home is at work and school during the day, a hybrid solar system can be extremely cost effective for your lifestyle. It means that you will be collecting energy during off-peak hours of the day for usage during peak demand hours when grid energy is at its most expensive. Avoid those peak demand charges by using your own solar energy!

Even better, if your solar is not generating enough energy for you to use during the evening (if it is continually overcast for several days, for example), your battery bank will recharge itself from the grid, during off-peak hours, meaning it is collecting less costly energy.

Always have a back up

The installation of your own battery bank means that you have stored energy that you can call upon if your local grid ever experiences a power outage. Your battery bank will usually store enough energy for 8 hours of usage; until the sun comes up again.

Self-reliant but budget friendly

In contrast, an off-grid system will last for 3-5 days. Batteries can mean a significant investment at the start, but a smaller battery capacity as used in hybrid systems means that the outright cost of the bank itself is less expensive than a full off-grid system. You are ensured the reliability of being able to store your own energy in case of blackouts, without the higher outright expense of a full off-grid system. However, if you are still concerned about your budget, you can always talk to our friendly team at Reno Saver about our zero deposit, no interest payment plans, implemented to make solar available to everyone.

So, should you install hybrid solar?

  • To summarise, here are the main advantages:
  • Use energy generated through your solar during the evening to avoid peak demand grid charges.
  • Store and use your solar generated energy instead of selling it back to the grid for minimal return.
  • Always have electricity backup when power outages occur in your area.
  • Enjoy the reliability of your own backup electricity without paying for a full off-grid system.

If you’re thinking of installing solar, contact Reno Saver today to discuss which options are best for your home.

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