Are you considering installing a whirlybird on your roof?

Still sitting on the fence about the pros and cons? Here are 5 reasons why we think you’ll love our whirlybirds!

1. Improve ventilation and airflow

Ventilation is one of the most important aspects of your home because it affects your indoor air quality. Poor ventilation can lead to respiratory diseases, unpleasant odours, and even a buildup of toxic gases, vapours, and fumes.

The solution? Whirlybirds!

Whirlybirds are designed to combat poor ventilation, better circulate the air in your home, and encourage cleaner, fresher, non-polluted air. Our customers love whirlybirds because they are an inexpensive way to keep their families happy, healthy, and oxygenated.

2. Lower your home’s temperature

Queensland homes can get immensely hot during the middle of summer, especially without whirlybirds. In fact, with no real way for the air to escape, your roof can reach temperatures of up to 70°C!

Whirlybirds help your insulation work more efficiently by removing the hot air in your home and replacing it with cool air. They also reduce the load on your air conditioner and lower the amount of stress and irritation that your family feels when they get hot. No one likes cooking over a hot stove in the middle of summer, right?

3. Control moisture and mildew

In the colder months, damp air can get trapped in your home causing rot, mildew, and mould. If moisture seeps into your attic with no way out, it will condense on your rafters, roof deck, and insulation. Then, not only will this trapped moisture lead to flaky and peeling paint, but it could also trigger asthma and allergies. A whirlybird will help keep your house dry, well-ventilated, and free of nasty fungi.

4. Cheaper electricity bills

An air conditioner that operates every day will unquestionably cause expensive electricity bills. Whirlybirds ensure that the temperatures in your home are not sky-high so that your air conditioner is not overused and your bills don’t put you out of pocket.

5. No running costs

One of the biggest advantages of installing a whirlybird is that there is the option for solar power. Solar powered whirlybirds let homeowners enjoy the benefits of an electric fan, with the zero-cost advantage of the sun!

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