German energy company Sonnen has only been around for less than a decade, but in that short time, they have risen to become the market leader in providing energy storage solutions in Australia to residential properties and small businesses. In the last few years, they’ve been gaining a proud and excited following with their SonnenBatterie. Read on to find out why the SonnenBatterie is the best solar power battery on the Australian market.

Independence for you and your family

With conventional power prices rising rapidly and many customers feeling more dissatisfied with large energy retails than ever, now is the time to take your property off the grid. SonnenBatteries are all about providing you with the independence and freedom from energy retailers that only a high-quality storage battery can provide. SonnenBatteries have a life of 10,000 charge cycles. Combine this with strong, safe, and sustainable lithium iron phosphate batteries, and your SonnenBatterie could be providing you with reliable and cheap energy for two decades. These batteries also incredibly efficient, with a maximum 95% inverter efficiency rating.

And if you want to take your property completely off the grids controlled by the big energy retailers, once you have your SonnenBatterie, you can transfer over to the SonnenFlat community tariff. By linking all SonnenBatteries together across each state, users can share energy as needed. You are only charged a small administration fee – usually between $30 and $50 a month – and you’ll never have to pay another electricity bill again. Imagine what you can spend those hundreds of dollars in savings on instead of giving it to large energy corporations every month.

Smart and convenient technology

SonnenBatteries not only provide you with energy independence, but also use the latest in smart battery technology to provide you with a convenient and breaking-edge energy solution. During the day, the German-designed intelligent energy management system optimises the usage of solar power in your property. It measures and changes energy storage according to how much is needed throughout the day, with the intelligent control centre managing all the solar power in your property. This technology also allows the battery to optimise stored energy for use during the night when solar panels aren’t producing energy.

The SonnenApp also allows you to quickly and easily check your energy usage and production on your phone tablet. Now you can conveniently monitor, analyse and control the supply and demand of your energy storage battery in order to maximise your savings.

Easy to install

While other storage batteries stand out like a sore thumb and can be a hassle to install, once you have your solar panels, the SonnenBatterie can easily be installed by an expert team of solar trade professionals. The SonnenBatterie is a complete system, coming ready-to-use straight out of the box. Not only does it include the battery, but also includes an inverter, an intelligent energy manager, and software to ensure that your SonnenBatterie is immediately ready for connections. The entire system is held in a compact, high-quality casing and cab retrofitted to any PV system. Your SonnenBatterie also comes in white, black, or space grey, so can seamlessly fit into any home.

Want to gain independence from costly energy retailers? Want to maximise your savings by producing and storing your own electricity? Then the SonnenBatterie is for you. Contact Reno Saver Home Improvements for a free quote to start saving on your energy bill today!

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