Your roof is the most important feature of your home. It’s the one thing that gives you and your family protection from the elements, so keeping it maintained and strong is time and money well spent. But there may be things that you’re doing to your roof to wear it out without knowing. Here are five common mistakes that can put your roof at risk.

1. Walking on it

While it’s tempting to walk around on your roof to check for damages after a storm or as part of your maintenance, walking on your roof can cause damage. If you have tiles on your roof, then walking on them when they’re too hot or too cold can cause permanent damage. If you have a metal roof, walking on it may loosen joints, causing holes. Another obvious reason not to walk on your roof is that it’s dangerous and you may fall. If you want your roof inspected call the professionals.

2. Not cleaning your gutters

Keeping your gutters free of debris such as twigs, leaves and dead insects will aid in protecting your roof. Clogged gutters can be detrimental to the life of your roof as water can back up and cause roof leaks. Cleaning out your gutters should be part of your roof maintenance routine. If you are unable to access your gutters easily or don’t have the time to maintain them regularly, perhaps you should consider getting a professional roofer in to install gutter guards.

3. Decorating it

Many homeowners like to put up Christmas roof decorations for the festive season. But to do this, you will need to walk on your roof, which as we’ve mentioned above is not good for it. You will also have to attach the decorations in some way. If you nail or staple lights down, this can lead to tearing and heavy decorations can put excess stress on a metal roof as well. If you want to hang lights, do it from the gutter, put them on your fence or around the trees in your front yard.

4. Not dealing with roof leaks

It’s often not until you have a heavy downpour that you know you have a roof leak. Stains and discolouration on the ceiling are also a sign that your roof has sprung a leak. Tackling these problems immediately is the best way to keep your roof safe and secure. If left, a roof leak can worsen over time causing compromise to the structure of your home. It will also lead to interior mould and mildew which can cause health issues. It goes without saying, the longer you leave a roof leak, the more expensive your bill will be to fix it.

5. Cleaning it with the wrong solutions

Always leave roof cleaning to the professionals. Firstly, it’s not safe to walk around on your roof. Bleach, scouring powders or industrial solvents can ruin tiles and damage the paint on metal roofs. This will land you with paying for replacement shingles or a repaint job.

Don’t DIY when it comes to roof maintenance. Do your roof a favour and leave it to the experts. Call Reno Saver for all your roofing needs.

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