Australia boasts some of the most gorgeous coastlines and beaches in the world; with more than 85% of our population living within 50kms of the coast. In Brisbane, we have the Moreton Bay area a stone’s throw away, with many people lucky enough to call it home.

However here in Queensland, we know that summer isn’t all sunshine.

Storm season rolls around as soon as the temperature heats up and we’ve already begun to experience our fair share of wild weather this year. Living in a bayside home comes with a few extra risks when those grey clouds come rolling in.

Extreme Elements

Houses by the ocean are exposed to salty air day in and day out, accompanied by a hot and humid climate with sea breezes. All of these extreme climatic factors take an extra toll on your entire house, including your roof. A roof restoration acts as a preventative measure against storm damage, as it will ensure that your roof is correctly cleaned and sealed. Additionally, it will freshen up your home and keep it looking brand new!

Beat the Leaks

Coming into storm season, now is the best time to organise a free, no-obligation roof audit and get any roof leaks checked out. More often than not, you don’t even think about the consequences of a leaking roof before it’s dripping right in front of you. By that time, it can often be too late, with serious damage already occurring. A professional will always be able to identify a problem long before you spot it yourself. After a storm has passed, you should assess your home immediately, to catch any new damage as soon as possible.

Get out in the Garden

Before it gets too sweltering hot, get outside on the weekend and give your garden some much needed TLC! Not only is this a chance to spruce up your yard, but it is also a way to ensure you’re doing everything necessary to keep your family safe during storm season. Notice any large trees near your home? Keep them well trimmed back from power lines and gutters. If trees appear unsteady, consider removing them so that you don’t run the risk of having them fall during strong winds. Don’t forget to clear out your gutters too, with the stronger winds near the coast it’s essential this is done regularly to prevent debris build up (also a huge danger during bushfire season!).

Don’t Overlook your Windows

Our high-quality shutters offer an additional layer of protection between you and the unpredictable summer weather conditions. The combination of heavy rains, large hailstones and cyclonic winds can easily cause many broken windows.

And for when the storms over and the sun comes out?

You can count on shutters to block out that beating afternoon sun, keeping your home cool throughout the Summer heat.

Get in touch with Reno Saver today to ensure you are fully prepared for any storms heading your way this summer.

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