Attention Australian homeowners! Did you know that when paying for a new roof, solar panels, window and patio blinds or roller shutters with Reno Saver Home Improvements, you can apply for a zero interest payment plan? This makes investing in these products for the benefit of your home, affordable and easy. And the best part is that the payment plan accrues zero interest and you don’t have to pay a deposit. Just regular monthly direct debits until your brand spanking new roof, solar system, window/patio blinds or roller shutters are paid off. Leaving you with the cash to invest in a few of the other things you’ve had your eye on. You didn’t think you could risk purchasing these items because a new roof typically means forking out a massive lump sum on the spot. But not with Reno Saver. Choosing our services means that you can have it all! Here are just a few of the things you can now buy with your savings because you chose Reno Saver’s easy payment plan.

That two door fridge with an instant ice-maker

We know you’ve had your eye on it for ages. It has tonnes of nifty compartments (did someone say a secret cheese drawer?), loads of space and you can choose between a fridge/freezer model or just one large fridge to fit more delicious goodies in! But we know the key feature is really that instant ice-maker on the front. Perfect for anyone who likes chilled soda or scotch on the rocks as a little nightcap. Cheers!

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A Weber for the perfect Sunday roast every week

Are you a firm believer in a good Sunday Roast? It brings family and friends together and modestly shows off your skills in the kitchen. Weber’s are the ultimate roasting devices. Whether you’re a fan of charcoal grilling, or you’re strictly electric, you can choose a Weber that will roast your meat to succulent perfection every time. And did you know that you can now connect your phone to the thermometer in your sizzling cut of meat through the Weber App? It’ll tell you exactly when your feast is at the ideal temperature for serving. Ah, technology!

The puppy that the kids have been bugging you about for years

Every chance that the kids get, they’re chewing your ears off about supplying them with a little ball of barking fluff to love and play with. It’s only a matter of time before they wear you down and you know it. So why delay the inevitable? Now is the perfect time to finally surprise them with a new best friend! A puppy can also be a great way to teach children responsibility by putting them in charge of feeding, walking or brushing the new addition to the family. A dog may also be just the companion you need to sit back and relax on your patio while you wait for your Sunday roast to cook. Who said you couldn’t have both?

New fencing for the puppy (and the house)

Yes, it is true that a dog may inspire you to make a few upgrades to your house and yard in preparation for its arrival. If your home is lax in security, erecting a new fence may be a good idea to reduce Houdini moments. And it also has the potential to give your home a little facelift as well, increasing its value. If you’re getting a brand new roof, you want to ensure that the rest of the house and yard is up to scratch too!

A coffee machine with all the bells and whistles

We know that a coffee machine is one of those luxuries that many people put off buying because there is always something more pressing to purchase for the home. If you need a little help convincing yourself (or your partner) that it’s worthwhile, just think about how many coffees you buy at a cafe every week. Those $4 flat white’s add up pretty quickly. A coffee machine is a worthwhile long-term investment if you’re a bit of a caffeine addict. It can also mean saving more money on social occasions, as your friends are more likely to visit you at your home if you’re giving out free espresso! So go on, get one with all the bells and whistles!

Contact Reno Saver today to discuss our zero deposit, zero interest payment plans for all of our services including roof replacements, solar installation, roller shutters and window and patio blinds. Give your home the makeover that it deserves without having to sacrifice elsewhere in your budget.

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