Whether you want to spruce up your home for personal satisfaction, add value to your property for selling purposes, or rectify leaks and cracks, a roof restoration is the perfect solution!

A roof restoration allows you to maintain your home’s character without sacrificing quality. Do you want to get another 30 years out of your current roof? Read on to find out more!

Recent storm damage in Beenleigh and Logan areas.

It’s hard to forget the horrific aftermath of Cyclone Debbie just earlier this year. But there has also been a continual history of extreme storm damage around the Beenleigh and Logan areas. Just this time last year the roof of a Rochedale home, a neighbouring suburb to Logan, was blown clean off due to storm damage! It’s no secret that the Brisbane area gets some of Australia’s most severe thunderstorms during Summer. And Summer is fast approaching. Do you want to risk a sub-par roof through high winds, heavy rainfall and violent hail? A roof restoration can protect your family during storm season!

Beenleigh and Logan property market on the rise.

First time Brisbane homebuyers are flocking to areas like Logan and Beenleigh to snatch up affordable homes, according to DomainYour Property Investment Magazine also reveals that house sales in Beenleigh have been steadily rising since 2014. Are you thinking of selling your Logan or Beenleigh home? Stand out from the rest and draw punters to your property by restoring the roof. Don’t believe that your roof can dramatically change the value of your house? Hear it from an experienced Brisbane real estate agent in our article here!

What type of roofs can be restored?

At Reno Saver, we restore tiled, terracotta and metal roofs to put them back to their former glory!

What’re the benefits?

How do I know if I need a roof restoration or replacement?

Reno Saver will come to your home and give your roof a good lookover, absolutely free of charge, with zero obligations. We won’t push you to fork out the money for a brand new roof if you don’t need it, either. You can trust us to be honest and upfront. Our team consists of qualified builders who will check the structural integrity of your roof and assess its safety. You can rest assured that we’ll make the best call for you, your family, and your home when it comes to advising the services your roof requires.

How much will it set me back?

It depends on how big your roof is, and the level of repair it requires. But the good news is, as mentioned above, it’s quick, easy and FREE to get a quote from Reno Saver. The better news is, Reno Saver offer zero deposit payment plans with no interest ever for roof restorations! See here to find out more.

What’s the process?

Metal roofs

Clean off lichen, mould and rust.
Seal any cracks.
Repaint with Dulux high-performance paints.

Tiled roofs

Clean off lichen and mould.
Recap tiles.
Seal against leaks.
Repaint with Dulux high-performance paints.

Now is the perfect time to get your roof restored, just before the Christmas season (and storm season) hits. Make sure your family are protected from heavy winds, rainfall and hail. And get your home in ship shape order for visitors and festivities! Contact Reno Saver today for a free quote!

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