Reno Saver – Colorbond Roofing Contractor in Brisbane QLD

When you choose a proven metal roofing solution like Colorbond for your home, you also need to select an experienced and qualified Colorbond roofing contractor to ensure it lasts for decades. Reno Saver Home Improvements will do the job right the first time round so that you have an impenetrable barrier against Queensland’s extreme weather […]

How To Choose The Best Roof Colour Try Our Roof Colour Simulator

Choosing the right roof colour can be tricky when you’re looking at swatches, trying to visualise a particular shade on a large area of metal sheeting. It’s a nerve-wracking decision. Choose the wrong colour, and you’re stuck with it for decades! But there is a way to make the process much simpler. We take homeowners […]

Why SonnenBatteries are the Best Solar Power

German energy company Sonnen has only been around for less than a decade, but in that short time, they have risen to become the market leader in providing energy storage solutions in Australia to residential properties and small businesses. In the last few years, they’ve been gaining a proud and excited following with their SonnenBatterie. Read on to […]

What Solar Power Battery Will Last The Longest?

When investing in a solar power battery, you’re making the conscious decision to become independent from energy companies and their skyrocketing prices. It isn’t a decision that you should make lightly. Chances are you’ve put a lot of thought into it and are in for the long haul, so you’re after a battery storage system that […]

Tips for Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor in Brisbane, QLD

Thinking of hiring a home improvement contractor in Brisbane or New South Wales? Whether you’re considering roof restoration, roof replacement, installing solar or installing new stylish shutters, you have plenty of options. Home improvement entails considerable investment and impacts the value of your property. Use the following tips to find the right contractor who provides […]

Hyundai RG Series Solar Panel Installation in Brisbane, QLD

Are you looking for a reliable Hyundai RG series solar panel distributor in Brisbane, Queensland? From design to installation, Reno Saver Home Improvements provides high-quality end-to-end support, so customers enjoy the best return on investment. Hyundai Solar Panels are Trusted Worldwide Why pay an energy company when you can turn the sun’s rays into usable […]

Rain Or Shine – Contemporary Patio Blinds Work Their Magic

Do you have a beautiful patio that you are unable to use throughout the year due to Queensland’s wacky weather conditions? Perhaps you want greater privacy for the area? No matter what the issue is that’s preventing you from enjoying your patio space to the max, patio blinds can be the solution. There have been […]

What Does a Home Improvement Contractor Do?

The term ‘home improvement’ covers a variety of aspects. It could refer to improving of the structure, renovating of the interiors, adding additional space or simply giving your soft furnishings a makeover. However, when you hire a home improvement contractor to do the job, it most often refers to improvement of the structure or some […]

Installing A Solar Inverter Can Save Your Money!

When it comes to alternative electricity for your home or firm, solar power is one of the best energy solutions which can save you money and help the environment. If the temperature outside is reaching boiling point, ensuring you have a high-quality solar inverter is essential as they need proper cooling. What is a solar […]