Dodgy roofers definitely aren’t a thing of the past. Just last December, two brothers running an unqualified roofing company were taken to court in Townsville after severely ripping off a local man on a job.

The Townsvill Bulletin noted that:

“Magistrate Ross Mack found each man guilty of 10 offences – including demanding or receiving excessive deposit under contract, failing to pay an insurance premium and carrying out work without a contractor’s licence.”

Not only had the brothers repeatedly breached the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act, but they also left the homeowner $10 000 out of pocket.

It’s important to be aware of fraudulent roofers and know how to detect them from the get-go. You don’t want to get to the end of the job and realise that your roof doesn’t meet regulation. It can set you back thousands of dollars, not to mention the legal fees to take dodgy roofers to court can quickly run you into debt.

We’ve compiled a list of the ten most common mistakes that lead people into trouble when they’re choosing a roofing company. Don’t fall into the trap of a dodgy roofer! Only rely on the professionals with your home.

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1. Going for the cheapest services

You don’t want to cut corners when it comes to your roof. If it seems way too good to be true, it often is. Services that are ridiculously cheap need to be minimising costs elsewhere too. Unreliable brands may be being used, quick fixes being made and unqualified builders being paid entry level wages.

2. Not checking insurance

Your roofing company needs to be insured so that in the event of an accident occurring on your property, all parties will be properly protected. Don’t be held liable for a mistake that was not your fault, just because it took place in or around your house!

3. Not checking credentials

Is your roofing company qualified? Do they hold a certification that they can show you, or have displayed on their website? Are they members of trade groups? Master Builders Queensland only accept membership from professional roofing companies and offer training and assistance to support roofers in providing unparalleled levels of service. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission are industry regulators, and membership is only offered to fully licenced builders. If your roofing company are members of these organisations, you’re cheering!

4. Going off a referral alone

It’s important to do more research than simply hiring someone solely based on a referral from a mate. Your friend might have good intentions, but only be recommending services to get a rookie roofer a leg in the door, when they aren’t fully qualified.

5. Failing to read up on customer testimonials

Customer testimonials shouldn’t be ignored, however! Reading up on a company’s reviews on Google or Facebook is a good indication of how their services rate. If they display several positive testimonials on their website – this is always a good sign!

6. Failing to obtain a quote

A professional roofing company will offer you a no-obligations, free quote on your roof repairs or replacement. They’ll be realistic and helpful so that you won’t be forking out an alarming and unexpected amount of money down the line.

7. Thinking you don’t need to read the fine print

You always need to read the fine print! Haven’t you ever watched a movie? Con men thrive on this stuff! This is especially important concerning your roof’s warranty. This said, a professional roofer will be transparent with you when it comes to terms and conditions, and openly communicative about the strengths and limitations of the job.

8. Thinking unrecognisable brands are simply boutique

You know how we said that cheap roofers cut corners? They love to do this by using uncredited, unreliable and cheap brands. This results in roofs that aren’t durable, fade quickly and lift during storm season and strong winds. Always look out for accredited brand names such as Colorbond or Dulux; they’re famous because they’re the best in the business!

9. Settling for a sub par team

If your roof needs a lot of work, you’re going to want a versatile team. Does your roof have solar installed? If you’re having work done, you only want a qualified electrician handling your panels. Find a team with a diverse skill set and range of qualifications.

10. Ignoring the warning signs

A “she’ll be right” attitude is ok when wondering if you’ve bought the right amount of ice for your esky, but isn’t ideal when re-roofing your home. If you start to recognise signs of a dodgy company, such as limited communication, a lack of online presence or physical office, unnervingly quick waiting periods or requests for payment in cash, you should definitely steer clear.

Don’t Make The Same Mistakes!

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